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Visa application procedures

If you have any questions, please contact our Consular Section before applying for a visa. Information about necessary documents can be found here: ▸ Necessary Documents.

Tel: +49-89-417 604 0


Processing time


The regular processing time for visa applications is 5 to 9 working days, but might change depending on the amount of applications, type of visa or nationality of the applicant. Applications by post tend to take more time. Please note that your application can only be processed after all of the necessary documents are handed in completely and correctly.

We have no express service! Please schedule enough time for your visa application. However, applications for short-term visas (“Temporary Visitor”) and most other categories cannot be accepted earlier than three months before the planned entry date.

How to apply


In order to hand in your application documents directly at our counter during the opening hours, you need to make an appointment (via telephone or e-mail). Please schedule at least 30 minutes for the appointment.


Application by post


If  you live outside of Munich and there are more than two weeks left until your planned departure, you can submit your application via post. The Consulate assumes no liability for lost or damaged documents or belated delivery.

Please do not send your original passport, only a copy (in original size, further instructions here). The original passport has to be brought to the visa collection. Otherwise we cannot hand out the finished visa.

Please send all documents as registered mail ("Einschreiben") to our general address:

Japanisches Generalkonsulat München
Friedenstr. 6
81671 München

If you send your documents, please contact us after some days, so we can tell you whether your documents have arrived and when the visa will be ready.

As we are not allowed to send visas back, you (or a proxy with a letter of authorization, e.g. this form) have to come to the Consulate with the original passport to pick up the visa.

Visa fees


Possible visa fees depend on the nationality of the applicant. Visa fees must be paid in cash when collecting the visa.

There is no visa fee for German and most EU citizens, as well as US and Russian citizens. You can contact us if you want to know whether you have to pay a visa fee.